Book 55 – The Other Book

Book – The Other Book
Author – Mitchell Symons
Year – 2005
Genre – Trivia

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned this before, but I love trivia books.  And so do booksellers.  Wander into your local Waterstones and have a look at the variety of books on the shelves with names like You Can’t Sneeze With Your Eyes Open, All Polar Bears Are Left Handed and A Duck’s Quack Doesn’t Echo (the last of which, incidently, is not true.  Of course it echoes).  Mitchell Symons is the king of this genre, and The Other Book is the third of a trilogy in which the first two are unsurprisingly called This Book and That Book.

Weighing in at four hundred pages, it is no slouch either.  There are so many varied things in here, from lists of famous people who are known to salute magpies, to lists of Winston Churchill quotes, to ‘genuine’ A Level exam answers, to the complete run down of former Pipe Smoker of the Year champions, and so much of it is vastly interesting.

If you like this kind of thing, then the whole series cannot be recommended enough.  If you don’t like this kind of thing, then don’t get them, because they really aren’t your kind of thing.


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