Book 69 – Hombre

Book – Hombre
Author – Elmore Leonard
Year – 1961
Genre – Western

With the slight exception of the fantasy tinted Gunslinger earlier this year, Hombre is – I believe – the first Western novel that I have ever read.  Generally considered to be a true classic example of its genre (at least by Wikipedia), it tells the story of a cool handed man by the name of John Russell who has spent a lot of time with the Apache Indians.  Along with the narrator of the story, and several others, he is off on a stagecoach journey when things take a turn for the worse.

It is an enjoyable book, but for me at least, nothing more than that.  I enjoyed it enough to be able to whip through it in a little over twenty-four hours, and would have no objections to reading a similar book, but it didn’t do enough for me to make me run out and grab a hold of as many similar books as possible.

So in conclusion, not a whole lot to say about this one.  A good book, which I would certainly not dissuade anyone from reading, but for me personally, one of the most middle of the road books of the year.


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