Book 72 – My Story

Book – My Story
Author – Dannii Minogue
Year – 2010
Genre – Autobiography

This challenge has enabled me to take on some titans of literature over the past couple of years.  Rushdie, Haggard, King, and now Minogue.  Okay, so I jest (King’s supernatural fantasy will never make him a titan of literature) but it has been a tough couple of weeks, and the book i had been reading on the history of language seemed a little hard going for my spare time, so I went out and bought the autobiography of Dannii Minogue.

Yes, that’s right.  It has only been out a couple of weeks, so instead of buying it from a charity shop, or borrowing it from somebody, I actually walked into WHSmith, and bought the hardback copy (making it a first edition of course – I can almost see the dollar signs dancing in front of my eyes).  And I make no bones about it, because I really enjoyed it.

I love Dannii Minogue.  There is probably little reason for this, other than a childhood infatuation with her big sister Kylie, and of course my huge love of the X-Factor, but when you like a celeb, then I don’t suppose you always need a massive reason (on the opposite side of the coin, there are sometimes celebs that you just hate for no good reason – Carol Vorderman, Michael MacIntyre and Michael Winner all spring to mind for me).  Part of the point of celebrity culture is that it is all so disposable, and as such this book is hardly challenging, but does give you an insight into Dannii’s life.

Starting out her career at just seven, Dannii has been through TV shows, singles, celebrity boyfriends, marriage, divorce, several different continents and now a baby.  Nothing is massively dwelt on here, but everything is covered, and it gives you a little snapshot of someone who has had a famous life, but is, at the end of the day, just a person from Australia who made it lucky.

So no, it isn’t Pride and Prejudice, but I really enjoyed the lightweight reading of this book.  I would have certainly liked a lot more X Factor stuff in there of course, but can’t complain to much, and I am completely unashamed to have read this book – although I might have taken the dust cover off of it lest I should be seen in public with it.


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