Book 51 – Daisy Pulls It Off

Book – Daisy Pulls It Off
Author – Denise Deegan
Year – 1985
Genre – Play
Pages – 48

Daisy Pulls It Off is sometimes described – alongside Top Girls – as a drama teacher’s dream.  It is a play that is suitable for schools, with a cast made up almost exclusively of girls.  In a world where girls still dominate drama classes, this is an absolute godsend.  I thought however, that I would give it a bit of a read to see if it is actually any good.

And it turns out it is.  The play is set in a 1920s girls boarding school, and is written in a very unusual style.  The repeated ‘I say’, ‘O Jubilate’ and ‘what japes’ give the play a dating which, being written in the early eighties, you don’t expect.  However, you soon get used to it, and it becomes a very endearing part of the proceedings.

The story concerns new girl Daisy finding her feet as the first elementary scholarship student at a posh girls school.  Whilst there, she gets caught up in the mystery of some missing treasure, and gets into all sorts of scrapes.  It is so reminiscent of an Enid Blyton novel – my favourite ever writer as a child – that it is so easy to get completely caught up in the plot, and I whipped through this whole play in a very short time as a result.

In what is possibly a first for me, I imagine that I would even prefer the reading of this to the staging.  Whilst there is a certain quality about it that would lend itself well to interpreting however you should wish – the number of asides explaining who each character is, and the occasional use of Daisy as a narrator work nicely – I can imagine that something is lost int he staging.  However, I would be interested to see for myself should I find a production taking place.  In the meantime, what an enjoyable little read.  Jolly hockeysticks!


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