Book 56 – Sexual Perversity In Chicago

Book – Sexual Perversity In Chicago
Author – David Mamet
Year – 1974
Genre – Play
Pages – 52
Lent to me by Alex Campbell

Hot on the heels of the previous update, I decided to continue and read the second play in the anthology of Mamet plays that I have borrowed, Sexual Perversity In Chicago.  Immediately, you notice that it is a very different kind of a play.  Instead of the two old chaps on a park bench talking in vague metaphors, the play starts with a description of a ridiculously over egged description of a weird sex act.  Not really the same kind of thing at all.

However, despite this opening, and despite the title of the play, it isn’t a particularly sex orientated play.  It follows a relationship between Deb and Danny from start to finish, and the bad downturn that it takes.  Whilst sex is alluded to throughout, it is not the main thrust (sorry) of the story.  It instead serves as more of a backdrop to what is a tale of a relationship – not a particularly over dramatic or special relationship, but instead one that is quite natural, if somewhat doomed.

As ever, Mamet writes in a way that is very easy to follow.  Whilst these first two plays of his are not especially deep compared to some of his later work, they hold up quite nicely, and this strikes me as a play that would not need the greatest amount of interpretation to produce effectively, and therefore would last some time as a play.


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