Book 9 – Making the Cat Laugh

Book – Making the Cat Laugh
Author – Lynne Truss
Year – 1995
Genre – Columns
Pages – 212

Well, this is about as not me as books get I suppose.  From it’s pink cover, to its admission that it is a series of columns from publications such as Woman’s Journal, to the fact that it is primarily a book written by a middle aged woman about her single life with her cats, there’s not really a lot that would point it out as something that I would read.  So why do I have it?  Well, I had listed on my book swap website, Read It Swap It, a historical romance novel that I (literally) found.  A book about women swooning over Mr Forthington-Simwick as he dashingly entered the… room, is about the only thing that I can imagine is less like my kind of thing.

And I suppose that makes it a very good case for me to start entering the Historical Romance section of Waterstones (they have one of those, right?) as I actually really enjoyed this book.  Read in little bite size chunks over the past few months, Making the Cat Laugh is actually a pretty funny book.  Some of it is a little dated now, what with the columns coming from publications originally written seventeen years ago, and occasionally Truss is writing about things that I don’t care too much about (what with not being a single, middle aged cat owner and all) , but there is a certain warmth and charm about everything that she writes which I massively took to.  Her article on how many books she owns and hasn’t read because she is convinced that one day she will get around to it, struck a real chord with me, and I have really enjoyed dipping in and out of this one.

Column books make a great light read to nip in and out of like this, and I think I shall make an effort to ensure that I always have one on the go.  Once I have finished reading the saga of Mr Forthington-Simick of course.


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