Book – The 100 Most Pointless Things In The World

Authors – Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Year – 2012
Genre – Fact
Pages – 320

The stresses and strains of becoming a teacher have held me back this year on two fronts – reading books, and updating my blog on books that I have read.  Every inch of me wants to rectify them both, but I have a lot of work to do, and so only the one that is going to take a little less time is the one that I can sort out now.  If you cannot guess which one this is, then sit back and take a moment to think about what you are reading at the moment.

Well, I have gotten through a few books so far this year, but I cannot say that they are literary classics.  Which is of course not to say that they aren’t very good.  Take for instance, this book, based upon the truly amazing TV show Pointless.  It is a bit of a mini obsession of mine of late, and this is a great book by its stars, Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.  Presented as a book along the ‘grumpy old men’ line – the 100 most pointless things that they can think of – it is not entirely based upon the premise of the game show.  However, entwined in this are little bursts of Pointless style questioning – who wrote these poems, or presented these series – which means that you can play along.

Armstrong has always been funny on TV whenever he has been in anything, but Osman is a bit of a revelation.  I genuinely laughed out loud repeatedly throughout the book.  If you haven’t yet sampled the delights of Pointless, then get yourself on iPlayer, and then grab a copy of this informative, funny and excellent book.