Book – Silverthorn

Author – Raymond E Feist

Year – 1985

Pages – 432

Genre – Fantasy

Series – Riftwar Saga

I seem to be on a bit of a reading binge recently which is excellent as it has been a while. And I have worked out how to put images into the body of my posts instead of as a huge picture at the top which is nice! And easy. I probably should have tried before…

But more importantly, having read Magician again two years ago (and embarrassingly only fourteen books ago) it was high time that I got around to reading the second book in the series – Silverthorn. Having been so tardy with it, it is a good job that this book started with a summary of where we had reached in the first book of the series.

To describe the plot is to describe any number of fantasy novels. To save the woman he loves, a prince must join forces with a thief, a bard, a knight and a scoundrel to go on an epic quest to retrieve a magical and possibly mythical plant with restorative powers, and to do so must battle the prophesied greater power and his dark elves.

I do not care that this sounds like the intro to a LARP evening, when I am reading fantasy, I want to read fantasy, and this book does it wonderfully. Feist has a knack of introducing characters and making you instantly care about them, no matter how hackneyed they may sound at first. I want swords in my fantasy. I want magic in my fantasy. I want dragons and elves and dwarfs and bows and arrows in my fantasy, and that is what these journeys into Midkemia offer.

When I read these the first time, I had thought that this was a weak entry in the series. Having reread it, I don’t really know what I was thinking before. It is thrilling page-turning stuff, and I am raring to read the next one (although I do try and break series up a bit, so maybe not straight away). I am just hoping that I am not misremembering the weak one as a later book in the series…