Book – Journey to Cubeville

Author – Scott Adams

Year – 1998

Pages – 224

Genre – Comic Compilation

Series – Dilbert

For a surprisingly long time, I was a huge fan of Dilbert. Weirdly, it started long before I had an office job when it would be somewhat relatable. I remember reading the daily comics that Adams put up on his website back when I was at university, and I have always gotten a bit of a kick out of them. The scenarios are often ridiculous and the characters are so peculiar, and I have always gotten an immense amount of pleasure from comic strips anyway, so Dilbert quickly became one of my favourites, and I have grabbed compilations whenever I have spotted them cheap in charity shops.

A couple of years ago I suddenly ‘remembered’ Dilbert. I did a bit of research into it – that it what I like to do, don’t judge me. Turns out that Scott Adams is a big old Trump supporter. I can’t lie – that puts me off of the whole thing. Dilbert loses some of its lustre when the struggles of everyday, working, just about white collar people are actually being written by someone who supports the biggest threat to their continuing prosperity. Some of the new comics I was particularly disappointed in, and I am not sure if it is because they are not good or because of the lens that I now view it through.

But these are old comics, so surely they will hold up. Well, somewhat. There is undeniable humour in here, and some sharp wit that reminds me of the reasons I liked these comics, but actually a lot of it fell flat. Rest assured, that most of the books I had picked up with Dilbert in will now be going straight back to the charity shops that they came from.