Book – How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books

Author – Joel Rickett (Introduction)

Year – 2008

Pages – 96

Genre – Humour

I am not one hundred percent sure where to start with this one. It is pretty much unlike any other book I have read, so I guess let’s start there. Every year, the publication The Bookseller compiles a shortlist of unusual book titles throughout the previous year. There are a myriad of reasons for why they are strange – weirdness, strange subject matter, unusual juxtapositions – but they then select the weirdest and award it the Diagram Prize. All of this is explained in Joel Rickett’s introduction, and then what follows is the covers of all of these books.

And that is it. A short line to explain what the book is about – in some cases, literally two words – along with the basic details of the book and a picture of the cover.

Which is all fine, but doesn’t make for fascinating reading. The intro is interesting enough, but then it took me a couple of minutes to read the rest. Then done. The problem I have is how to review a book that doesn’t really need reading. I guess the answer is to do it simply. This is fine. Don’t spend money on it though. Go and read the Wikipedia page for the Diagram Prize and save yourself the money.