Book – Banksy – Myths and Legends

Author – Marc Leverton

Year – 2011

Pages – 96

Genre – Non Fiction

I don’t even know why I have some books. I think this was one that I picked up when we were teaching Banksy at school and having a couple more texts about him would be useful. Well, in clearing out some of my books to make space as I previously mentioned, this is one of those that was definitely not going to make the cut.

And now I have read it, it is certainly something that I don’t know why I ever had it. What a load of nonsense. It is just some facts about Banksy. Although because we don’t know much about him – obviously – some of them aren’t facts. Just possible things about Banksy. And photos. Lot’s of photos. Of Banksy art of course. But sometimes by people who might be Banksy but we’re not sure.

It is blessedly short however, and I have a book I want to read as my 250th book, so I am at least appreciative of it for that. I read it ages ago, and then thought I’d written a blog, but apparently not, so for that at the very least, thanks Marc Leverton.