Book – Children of Time

Author – Adrian Tchaikovsky

Year – 2015

Pages – 600

Genre – Sci-Fi

Bought for me by Bob and Michelle

Despite being a big fantasy fan, I have never been as much of a reader of science fiction. There’s no huge reason for this – I love Star Wars and Star Trek and any number of other sci-fi shows and films, but it has rarely translated into the books I read. So when I got a copy of this for Christmas from Bob and Michelle with Bob’s recommendation behind it, I was pretty intrigued

Children of Time is set in the far future. Mankind has reached a stage where they are technologically advanced enough to have travelled across the galaxy and settled on other planets. They have terra-forming technology, and are midway through a controversial attempt to populate one of these planets with monkeys effected with a nano-virus that will let them evolve at a vastly increased speed. Things do not go to plan however, and an ideological resistance scuppers the experiment, whilst simultaneously causing the collapse of society back on Earth.

Fast forward a couple of thousand years, and the remnants of the humans left on Earth are ready to take all of their surviving numbers back to space in stasis to try and seek out one of these terra-formed planets. They approach the aforementioned sphere, but instead of the evolved monkeys on the planet, the nano-virus has evolved a species more noted for their eight legs.

What follows is a story interlacing the humans in the times they are woken from their sleep over a thousands of year long journey, and generation after generation of evolving spiders. And it is wonderful. Tchaikovsky employs exactly the right balance between the two to keep you fully invested in each part of the story. The characters are stock sci-fi with a canny engineer and a bullish head of security, but that does not matter one bit when they are handled as well as the writer does. I found myself actively looking forward to reading this every evening, and it has been a while since that has happened.

Excitingly, I finished the book to find that there was a sequel out earlier this year, so that is something for me to look forward to as I start to expand my sci-fi literary knowledge.