Book – Girl Meets Boy

Author – Ali Smith

Year – 2007

Pages – 164

Genre – Fiction

Every now and then a book pops up on my bookcase that I have no idea how it got there. This is just such a book. Scanning though in my never ending quest to make everything fit just a little better, I thought what could I remove, and this seemed a prime candidate. However as a brief read to split up the His Dark Materials series I thought I’d give it a shot.

The book follows Anthea and Midge, two Scottish sisters. Anthea has just moved up to work with Midge at a fancy bottled water company, but her battle with mental health and much lower ambition than her sister causes tension. Not quite as much tension as when she falls for a girl who is protesting against the company they work for.

The book is short, and split into sections following each girl’s point of view. The story is good, if a little lightweight, but the book is not really about that but rather the style of the writing. Weaving in ideas of Greek myths along with a play on gender that is fascinating, thoughtful and not at all intrusive, it is a lovely read. There are effects that are really enjoyable such as Midge’s interrupted internal monologue as she comes to terms with her sister’s sexuality, and a vivid yet entirely clean sex scene.

It ultimately was not entirely my cup of tea, but that is fine. Stepping outside of the fantasy and wrestling autobiography box is sometimes a very good idea, and this certainly does that. It still was a very enjoyable read that I managed in one sitting, and I would be more than happy to read more by Ali Smith.