Book – The Thursday Night Letters

Author – P.K. Munroe

Year – 2007

Pages – 128

Genre – Humour

I don’t know, maybe I am just getting old? I feel like maybe there was a time when this would have been really funny to me. Have I left that behind now? Can I laugh any more? Am I overthinking this?

The Thursday Night Letters are a series of letters from an ‘inventor’ to a group of companies suggesting ideas such as Inflatable Celebrities and phones with a decibel meter to dissuade loud office colleagues. He sends them in and then this is a book of them along with their responses.

The problem, I don’t think, is me, but rather in how they are just not really funny enough. Some of them are borderline sensible, and some companies even come back suggestions that his ideas are already real. This kind of thing needs to be really cutting, but Munroe seems to try to hard to not be caught out in the act, and as a result it comes across a little tame. There are a few laughs in there, but ultimately, it is pretty boring, and there are certainly better examples of the genre out there.

A short review for a short book. If it still happens to be of interest to you, you can have my copy – I am still trying to cut my number of books down.