Book 281 – What If?

Book – What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Author – Randall Munroe Year – 2014 Pages – 296 Genre – Non-Fiction Having just reviewed my first graphic novel, it seems appropriate that my next blog is somewhat comic adjacent. In this case, it is a book by Randall Munroe, creator of the … Read moreBook 281 – What If?

Book 279 – The Magician’s Guild

Book – The Magician’s Guild Author – Trudi Canavan Year – 2001 Pages – 469 Genre – Fantasy Series – The Black Magician Trilogy So having taken a pause from reading books to read mainly pages about the history of musical theatre, I thought it was about time to get back on the horse and … Read moreBook 279 – The Magician’s Guild

Book 278 – Mr Bean’s Diary

Book – Mr Bean’s Diary Author – Robin Driscoll and Rowan Atkinson Year – 1992 Pages – 178 Genre – Humour When I was a kid and we would go shopping, every single time we went into WH Smith’s, there is one book that I would go straight to. I can remember picking it up … Read moreBook 278 – Mr Bean’s Diary

Book 277 – 52 Times Britain Was A Bellend

Book – 52 Times Britain Was A Bellend Author – James Felton Year – 2019 Pages – 112 Genre – Non-Fiction Bought for me by Amy and Gavin Of all of the social media platforms, the one I enjoy the most is Twitter. I don’t participate too much – although I did once have a … Read moreBook 277 – 52 Times Britain Was A Bellend

Book 276 – Anything Goes

Book – Anything Goes Author – John Barrowman Year – 2008 Pages – 250 Genre – Autobiography When you are in a relationship with someone, you gain a second family. In my case, I have been very lucky, as mine are brilliant, but it can take a while to start to get to grips with … Read moreBook 276 – Anything Goes

Book 274 – Children of Blood and Bone

Book – Children of Blood and Bone Author – Tomi Adeyemi Year – 2018 Pages – 532 Genre – Fantasy Series – Legacy of Orisha Bought for me by Alex Campbell When I put together my list of all of the books I have read and started to really look at the data I had … Read moreBook 274 – Children of Blood and Bone

Book 272 – The Da Vinci Code

Book – The Da Vinci Code Author – Dan Brown Year – 2003 Pages – 598 Genre – Thriller Series – Robert Langdon Having finished Angels and Demons earlier this week, I made the decision to crack on with the next in the series. These are beasts at around six hundred pages each, but I … Read moreBook 272 – The Da Vinci Code

Book 271 – 100

Book – 100 Author – Diene Petterle, Neil Monaghan, Christopher Heimann Year – 2003 Pages – 63 Genre – Play Characters – (2f, 3m – one m probably flexible) Play a Day hasn’t been going fully to plan – I started really getting back into some actual novels – but that doesn’t mean that I … Read moreBook 271 – 100