The gauntlet is thrown…

So, a challenge such as this is a test of a man’s mettle. It is one person against his own will to succeed. A battle of determination and stamina. It is personal to each individual and each man is judged only against themselves.

Unless someone else gets involved.

The Wench’s (tm) husband Bob is a writer by day, and a reader by night. Upon hearing of my challenge last year, he has taken up the gauntlet to do the same challenge. And in a recent blog post has thrown the said same gauntlet at my feet, and now the race is on!

I would like to point out that The 100 Book Challenge is completely my own idea. I understand that I am not the only person in the world to have done it, and in fact many, many websites are dedicated to just such things, but it is an idea that I had independently and I still stand it is a good one. The blog, I pinched off of Bob. No really. I even accidentally did the same page design, hence my recent change to a (very, very cool) orange look. He even has a blog post that is pretty much the same as this one – even down to the now self referencing photo. Only his is less orange.

You can check out Bob’s blog here. It’s a cracking blog with some great reviews.

The only problem is that he is proud to be ahead of me. He is definitely right in this, but he is missing one small point. We are both currently being beaten by my Mum.

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