Book 12 – Storm Front

Book – Storm Front

Author – Jim Butcher

Year – 2000
Genre – Science-Fantasy/Detective
Bought for me by Robert Hyde

Storm Front is on many levels the male equivelent of trashy ‘chic-lit’. It follows Chicago’s only advertised wizard as he deals with a missing persons case, a police double murder investigation, a nosy reporter… oh, and a demon summoning psycho wizard.

The action is fast paced, the lead character is dry and funny, the fusing of the arcane world of magic, and the modern techological age is wicked, and the whole book is incredible fun. I don’t imagine that it will ever win Jim Butcher a Nobel prize in literature or be recommended on an A Level syllubus, but as a fun exciting book you couldn’t ask for much more. Except for twelve further books in the series. Which he has delivered. Excellent!


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