Book – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Author – JK Rowling
Year – 1998
Genre – Fantasy

Following on from the first Harry Potter book, I decided that the second Harry Potter book would be a sensible decision as my next book of choice.  Actually, that is a little bit of a lie – I was reading a different book, but I have put it down somewhere and I can’t remember where for the life of me, so I thought I’d grab this one off of my shelf in the meantime.

And as expected, I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I spoke in the blog on the first book about how good it is to go back to a series that you have enjoyed before, and this held true for this one as much as Philosopher’s StoneChamber of Secrets doesn’t have the introductary charm of the first book, or some of the darker or more complex elements of the later books, but is still a fantastic read.  It is massively interesting reading the books in full awareness of how the series will pan out, and particularly with this book I noticed many more little things that have relevence with the last book in the series – without giving anything away, a couple of little points particularly regarding Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevy.

The moral of this blog – as will be the same with each of these Potter books – is if by some chance you haven’t read it, then do so.  You won’t be disappointed.