Book 20 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Book – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Author – JK Rowling
Year – 1999
Genre – Fantasy
Leant to me by Ellie Walsh a couple of years ago when I did my last reread.  Sorry Ellie!  You can finally have it back!

I recently had a chat with the aforementioned Ellie about the order in which we would rank the Harry Potter books.  Some, such as the last placed book (Order of the Phoenix, we are looking at you!) we agreed on completely, but there were little differences here and there.  The one that surprised me was that Ellie had this third book at the top of her list (I think.  It was many hours into my birthday drinks that we had this discussion)

Having finished reading the book again however, I am no longer surprised.  For me it won’t overtake the book that follows it, but it actually is an even better book than I remembered.  The ending particularly is a marvelously woven thread which, whilst not being the most complex thing in the world, is quite magically done, and is pretty advanced for a book supposedly aimed at children.  Along with the seemingly hundreds portents to later books that crop up throughout, this turns into a brilliant novel, and another great example of why the Harry Potter series is one of the best around.


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