Book 32 – The Hell of it All

Book – The Hell of it All
Author – Charlie Brooker
Year – 2009
Genre – Article Compilation
Leant to me by Bob of Bob’s Blog

Anyone who is paying attention at all – so mainly me – may have noticed that I have not updatedfor nearly a fortnight now.  Well, I have a show coming up again, one that I am directing this time (Rent, 25th-29th May, Heathfields Hall, 020 8300 8148) and as such have been even more busy than usual.  Add to that the fact that the book I have been reading is not by any means a page turner and you may see the reasons for me falling a little behind.

This is not to say that this is a bad book – far from it – but more a reflection on what it takes to read certain types of book.  In terms of number of pages The Hell of it All comes in massivley short of the last Harry Potter book I read – approximately 400 pages to 700 – but for all the wit and insight in the world, it is harder to get lost in a series of articles about vastly varying topics.

Bringing it back to the actual content of the book, despite – and maybe a little because of – the varying topics, Charlie Brooker has put together one of the most entertaining non-fiction books I have read in a long time.  Flitting between subjects such as politics, rapping, depression, Big Brother and Coolio, Brooker has something interesting to say on every one of them.  As I find myself doing now that I am writing this blog, I was keeping a mental record of some of the funnier lines to jot down here, but such is the regularity of laugh out loud funny moment, that I completely lost track.

I have always liked Charlie Brooker.  Despite being a grumpy old sod, he gives out a certain likability which makes you feel as though you know him personally, and now having read this book, I like him even more.  Yet another good reccomendation by my counterpart Bob.


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  1. Pleased you liked it.

    Coincidentally, I've just finished Brooker's first compilation book, Screen Burn, my third Brooker book of the year. Review coming soon…

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