Book 41 – Of Mice And Men

Book – Of Mice And Men
Author – John Steinbeck
Year – 1937
Genre – Fiction

I first read Of Mice And Men about twelve years ago when I was at school, and I loved it completely.  A true classic book, it tells the story of two farm hands, George and Lennie, as they start work at a new farm.  George, small and shrewd, looks after his friend, the massive Lennie, dispite him having learning difficulties that result in his often getting into trouble.  The set-up between them is unusual as very few farm hands travel together or even seem to care for each other.

As a book I studied at school, I could spend ages describing different themes that crop up in the book – loneliness, the American Dream, friendship – but it is easy to hide behind the ‘classic’ tag that it has quite rightfully earned, and miss the fact that this is a wonderful moving story.  The relationship between the lead characters is beautiful, and it is impossible to read the book without feeling a massive warmth towards the big Lennie who idolises George so, and has not a bad bone in his body.

Of Mice and Men has long been a favourite of mine, and I am always pleased by how many of my friends express their love of it too when I mention it to them.  If you are not one of those people then I sugegst that you grab yourself a copy and have a read, because it is definitley up there on a list of ‘Books You Should Have Read’.


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