Lots Of People Reading

When I started this blog, I didn’t realise just how much I was going to enjoy it.  I am often surprised by how excited I am to finish a book quite simply so that I can got online and write a little review of it.  And it is difficult to explain how much of a thrill it gives me to speak to anyone who has read this blog.  There are some people who I see quite regularly who are always happy to chat about the latest book I have read.  Some people I have bumped into and they have commented that they keep an eye on it.  And just as nice are the occasional messages I have had from facebook friends who I haven’t seen for ages – in the case of one person who has commented on it, I believe eight years – who have still taken the time to read the nonsense I spout.  Thank you guys!

The other thing that I like is that a few people have been inspired to read more.  Bob of Bob’s blog has been my constant rival this year in The Book Challenge (well, constant rival in the sense that he is constantly trying to catch up with me) and I absolutely love reading his new blogs on books he has read (read them, you will like them).  And as we reach halfway in the year more and more people are talking of taking up the challenge.

Well, I was going to start spreading The Book Challenge even further at the end of the year, but if people are interested now, then who am I to stop them!  So joining Bob and myself – as well as my Mum who is doing a fifty book challenge, but not blogging – we will have some newcomers at the halfway point joining for fifty books in a half year.  The Challenge follows the same rules as mine – namely, not an awful lot – so they will read the books then blog, and when they have set them up, I will put the blog links here on mine.

And if anyone else is serious about wanting to join in, then please let me know.  It is good fun, very rewarding, and you will be joining in with other people who are doing the same challenge as you.  I doubt there is a large number of people reading this blog who are not on facebook with me, so let me know if you fancy it either there, or here on blogger.

On a similar note, if anyone ever fancies borrowing any of the books that I review here, then please let me know.  I keep all of my books handy – even the crap ones – so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to do so.

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