Book 46 – Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Book – Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
Author – Rick Riordan
Year – 2006
Genre – Fantasy

This is the second in the Percy Jackson series, and as the year sixes at my school start to whizz through the series, I thought I’d better make sure that I am keeping apace.  Eleven year olds have no problem with giving out spoilers whenever they fancy, and there’s nothing I hate like a spoiler.

I was pretty impressed with the first book which I read back in May.  Whilst looking like a Harry Potter rip off, it is actually a pretty good premise with a boy finding that he is half Greek God.  This book carries on with a similar vein but a new adventure for our hero.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite as absorbing as the first one.

The story is, like the first book, in a similar style to an epic Greek myth with them journeying from place to place and meeting legends from Greek mythology.  Each of these events are cool enough, but there are so many of them crammed into the book that they start to mean less and less.  There were events that happened in the first book which have had no further importance to the series, and there were plenty of them in this book as well.  Their meetings with some of the characters would make no difference whatsover if they were not included, and this started to get a little frustrating.  Not turning it into a bad book by any means, and it is quite an enjoyable read, but still a little wasteful.

However, the end is promising, especially the last couple of pages which set up the third book perfectly.  Extending the inevitable Harry Potter comparisons yet again, maybe this is a case of a slight dip in quality for the second book, before a storm back to form for the next in the series?  That third book currently sits in my To Be Read pile, so fingers crossed.


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