Book 47 – Gods Behaving Badly

Book – Gods Behaving Badly
Author – Marie Phillips
Year – 2007
Genre – Fiction

Following on from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters – a novel in which we find out what would happen if the Gods of Greek mythology lived today – we have Gods Behaving Badly – a novel in which we find out what would happen if the Gods of Greek mythology lived today.  However with incestuous sex scenes and a depiciton of Aphrodite as a sex line worker, the latter is probably the one you would be less likely to give to your kids.

The premise for this book is that the Greek gods all live in a run down house in London and are thoroughly bored with each other.  Centuries of being piled together under one roof with ever diminishing powers has made them all petty and mean to one another, and this causes problems when Aphrodite tries to get her revenge on Apollo by making him look silly.  From there, everything goes horribly wrong.

The book starts out looking like it is going to be very silly girly rubbish.  There is a big dosage of Sex In The City style sex between Aphrodite and Apollo, and then we are introduced to two ‘mortals’ Alice and Neil – both timid and shy – who are very obviously in love, but too nervous to tell each other.  At this point I was starting to think that I was in for a few hundred pages of chick-lit – not necessarily a terrible thing, but really not quite my cup of tea.

Luckily, I perservered and found that it wasn’t quite as chick-lit as expected, but instead became pretty much a fantasy novel.  And whilst I don’t think anyone will try and claim that it is Tolkein in his pomp, it is actually pretty good fun.  The characters all become more and more likable as the story goes on, and whilst there is never a real sense of danger, the events that happen are pretty cool and I really enjoyed it more and more the longer that it went on.


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