Book 48 – Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse

Book – Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse
Author – Rick Riordan
Year – 2007
Genre – Fantasy

For the first time this year I have gotten myself carried away in a series and starting from here I read the final three books of this series in quick sucession – no other books in between, and not even starting to write the blogs about them – so fingers crossed I won’t get the three of them mixed up.

The Percy Jackson series has been one that I had been enjoying up until now.  The first book was a wonderful concept – bringing Greek legend into the 21st century – that left me wanting more.  The second book was not quite as good as the first, but I was still quite enjoying it.  In my review of this second book I hoped that there would be an upswing for the rest of the series.

In The Titan’s Curse I was not to be disappointed.  Starting from here, a real sense of danger is injected into the series.  This is something that is lacking from quite a bit of children’s fantasy, but you need to know that there is real peril for your heroes in order to care enough for them to get through.  I won’t spoil what happens for you, but this is the time that this change happens.

It was also nice to be thrown off track.  After fifty or so pages, I thought I had worked out every twist that was coming.  It is lovely to be thrown now and then, so whilst I got some of it correct, it was nice that a fair bit was still a surprise.


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