Book 60 – The Zombie Survival Guide

Book – The Zombie Survival Guide
Author – Max Brooks
Year – 2004
Genre – Handbook
Recommended by Matthew Kellett and lent to me by Laura Gillham.

Imagine that the world was slowly being overrun by the reanimated corpses of humankind. What would you do? Chances are you have never thought too hard about this. This is your first mistake. As The Zombie Survival Guide attempts to show, planning is imperitive to your survival.

If this sounds like the prelude to a tongue in cheek zombie spoof, then you have the wrong impression. This book is an entirely serious discourse on te best way to survive an outbreak o the solanum virus – in other words a zombie attack. And with he possible exception of the actual existence of zombies, the whole book makes total sense. The techniques seem perfectly researched, and the stumbling blocks in explaining how to be safe that I expected never materialise. Brooks covers things brilliantly.

This has long been one of Matt’s favourite books, yet I was expecting to find the concept quite amusing but to lose interest pretty quickly – how interesting can over 250 pages of guidebook be? However, with the exception of a small dip about three quarters of the way through it us massively engaging, and you find yourself genuinely considering the best way for you to personally deal with a zombie attack.

I would leave tips here, but come a Level Four outbreak, resources will be limited so every man for himself.


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