Sound of Silence

My going nearly a month without adding any new books here on my blog is not necessarily a sign that I have not been reading very much recently.  So have I done much reading recently?  Well, no, I haven’t, but that is by the by.

August always ends up a very busy time for me.  You would think the opposite seeing as how I have an unprecendented six week holiday, and also considering how most people fit most of their yesr’s reading into their vacations, but my holidays are not quite the warm, relaxing things that most people experience.  Instead I went to Edinburgh and saw thirty five shows of varying quality, went to Wales, climbed Snowdon, went white water rafting, performed in three concerts, went bowling, came forth in go-karting (my personal best which I will never let rest) and pretty much left zero time for reading.  I finished my last book on the way to The Burg, and have read maybe half a book in the meantime.

So catch up time.  This was roughly the point last year that my challenge went off track, so I am keen to stop it happening again.  I reckon I am about seven behind target now, so if I can finish struggling through the Salman Rushdie book that I have been stuck on for nearly two months now, and then power through a couple of good books that I am looking forward to afterwards, then maybe I will be able to scrape back into the race.

At least the timing is similar to the busiest working point of the year for my nemesis who remains just behind my total.  For the time being….

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