Book 64 – The Winslow Boy

Book – The Winslow Boy
Author – Terrence Rattigan
Year – 1946
Genre – Play

It has been two weeks since I last blogged a book review, but don’t think for a second that I haven’t been reading.  It’s just that through a remarkably anal sense of how I am doing this, the pictures of the covers of the books I have read need to match exactly the pictures that I display with them on my blog.  And for two of the books recently that I have read, I cannot find the right pictures for the life of me.  So I am for now leaving them blank, and at some point I will scan the covers if I have to.

And so on to The Winslow Boy.  Set just prior to the First World War, and based upon the facts of a true story, this Rattigan play tells of a boy who is accused of stealing a postal order from his naval school and is expelled.  His family then go on to fight a legal battle against the school to clear his name, which has massive consequences for the legal system, and for the financial welfare of the family.

The play is fine.  It is nicely written, with some very concise stage movements that give you a real feel of how the writer wanted the stage production to look and feel.  Whilst it is undoubtably dated, it still makes perfect sense, and nothing has become so arcane as to ruin the play  However, it is a bit boring.  Over a hundred or so pages, very little happens and as a book as well as I am sure it would come across in live performance, it is easy to feel that it is very well done, but not really one’s cup of tea.


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