Book 70 – Summer Knight

Book – Summer Knight
Author – Jim Butcher
Year – 2002
Genre – Fantasy Detective
Lent to me by Robert Hyde

One of the best things about reading a series of books – and especially a fantasy series – is that it builds up its own little world.  You will see characters return, or change as the series goes on, new things happen to them that make plots change, and just when they are needed, and old friend with a particular skill or piece of knowledge can turn up at a call.

This is what The Dresden Files is now starting to offer as I finish the fourth book in the series.  We have seen some characters change, some disappear, others return, and slowly we are piecing together information about important people from the past of our lead, Harry Dresden.

This book has Harry involving himself in a war between the faerie kingdoms of Summer and Winter (yes, I know, but it is a fantasy book and I like them, so there).  Old characters crop up all over the place, and as is seemingly characteristic in Butcher’s book, the excitement level is held high.

And this is but the fourth in a series that currently runs at eleven novels, with the author managing to religiously turn a new one out every spring since he started (George RR Martin, take note).  I am looking forward to getting more and more involved in the series, and already – despite the number of books up ahead for me to read – am looking forward to the next release.


PS – Finding the cover for this on Google was a tricky process.  It would seem that Summer Knight is also the name of an adult film star…

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