Why Does It Always Rain On Me

As I come onto the home straight, there a couple of things that are getting in the way of me optimising my reading time, and the biggest of them is the weather.

If I was to be forced into starting a superhero league tomorrow – admitted, a fairly unlikely situation, but stranger things have happened.  Maybe – then my superpower would be ‘Reading Whilst Walking Down The Street’.  Well, that or balancing things, which turns out to be an even more useless skill than walk-reading.  It has been a superpower which has helped me no end throughout this challenge, as my walk into work in the morning is twenty minutes, and my walk home is half hour – on account that I don’t get fired if I arrive late home – giving me an hour of guaranteed reading every single day.  There is nothing else to do on route, so it has enabled me to power through some of the more boring books, or really get into a far more absorbing one.  In short, despite using plenty of my spare time to read, I really rely on these five hours a week to get me through the challenge.

However, one of the downfalls of books is their incompatibility with water.  You get a book wet, it won’t thank you for it, and nine times out of ten make itself completely unreadable.  And now Autumn is upon us, the sky has taken it upon itself to chuck tonnes of the stuff at me on the way to and from work.  Even aside from the fact that it took till lunchtime for my jeans to dry properly, this causes a massive dent in my reading time.  I completely unreasonably spent my walks today internally grumbling at Mother Nature for inconveniencing my challenge for the year, just in order to avoid stupid little things like drought.  How rude.

Luckily, I have a backup plan.  I happen to be the owner of one of the campest umbrellas you will ever see a six and a half foot man carry.  It is bell shaped to keep the rain off, and completely clear to allow the light to fall onto my book – even now that the nights are falling earlier and earlier.  I shall not be defeated!

To paraphrase the theme tune to Round The Twist, “Rain rain go away, come again once I have finished reading one hundred books this year, or we are having environmental problems due to the lack of rain causing lots of plants to die resulting in a lack of fresh oxygen for us to breathe, which will in turn, cause an even larger hindrance to my challenge.”  Or something like that.

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