Book 85 – The Maltese Falcon

Book – The Maltese Falcon
Author – Dashiell Hammett
Year – 1930
Genre – Crime

Whilst it is quite genuinely just a strange coincidence that the past two books that I have read have featured the tail end of a bird on the front cover, in terms of content, I assure you that not only are both of them completely different, but neither contains even the smallest instance of birdwatching.

Made into a classic film starring Humphrey Bogart some eleven years after the publication of the book, The Maltese Falcon was a massive point in the field of the detective novel.  Following the private eye Sam Spade as he unravels the mystery of a missing solid gold falcon, the book is exciting and interesting the whole way through.  I found myself drawn in to the story, and owing possibly to the complete absence of seeing into even the lead characters mind, I found myself doubting who had done what throughout the story.

Whilst seen as a classic in its field, mainly for being such an early example of a cool and calculated detective, there is something about the way that the genre has moved since which lends an air of low brow literature to the book, and that is a little sad, as it is a cracking read and well worth grabbing should you get the chance.


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