Book 86 – Have I Got News For You Guide to Modern Britain

Book – Have I Got News For You Guide to Modern Britain

Author – Nick Martin
Year – 2009
Genre – Humour

Can you belive that the show Have I Got News For You has now been running for forty series?  The fact that it still remains funny and relevent is a huge testament to everyone that works on it, and as a side effect of that success, it manages to churn out an incredible amount of associated mechendise – DVDs, books, and in the olden days, even videos.  This is one such associated act.

Understand that I have no problem with that, but aside from an Ian Hislop introduction and a Paul Merton conclusion, there was probably no need to connect this with HIGNFY.  It is in essence a humourous look at the history, politics, and culture of Britain, which is admittedly the subject matter of the TV show, but with no particular tie-ins to the format of the show itself at all.

This is not to say however, that it is not a good book.  Several times I found myself laughing out (my particular favourite line referring to John Prescott, and suggesting that ‘language is not really his first language’) and the chapters are spread evenly with funny sections so as to not give it a massively up and down thread of quality such as some other comedic books achieve.  It strikes me as a stocking filler – albeit a meaty one – but at £9.99 may be a tad too overpriced for what it is.

At the end of the day, it’s funny, and if you like the kind of thing that they do on the show, then it is still probably a fair bet that you will like this too.


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