Book 92 – Poison Study

Book – Poison Study
Author – Maria V Snyder
Year – 2005
Genre – Fantasy
Lent to me by Faye Braggins

This challenge has lead me to read so many different types of book – romance, sci-fi, comedy, science, western – you name it, I’ve probably either read it this year, or have it in my impressively large ‘to be read’ pile.  However, no matter what I read, I have a special soft spot for fantasy books, and will always find myself coming back to them time and time again – especially if I manage to find a good series to get my teeth into..

Knowing this, Faye lent me Poison Study last week.  I always know I am in for a good fantasy read when the first thing I see upon opening the book, is a good old fashioned map, and I wasn’t let down.  The first of a trilogy, it tells of a nineteen year old girl called Yelana, who is plucked from the dungeons of the Commander’s castle, and pardoned for the murder she committed should she agree to become their ruler’s personal poison taster – a dangerous job, but at least she will live.  With a Duke intent on her death, invading wizards and a possible traitor thrown into the mix, things are tough for her, and it all melds together to make a classic fantasy story.

It’s a relatively big book – between four and five hundred pages – and at this stage of the game, I was a little worried that it’d be a bad idea and take up too much of my precious reading time, but when you become as absorbed in a book as I became with this, it is easy to whip through something, and during a weekend where I had two rehearsals, a concert, and a good evening of drinking, I still managed to get through the whole book.

Any of you fans of the swords and magic type of fantasy, this series is worth grabbing hold of.  Fingers crossed I can get hold of the other two, as I am raring to get going on them now.


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