Book 95 – Half A World Away

Book – Half A World Away
Author – Tom Bromley
Year – 2003
Genre – Fiction

Well, I have now managed to pass the mark that I reached last year of ninety four books, and very proud I am too.  It has involved me reading all over the place, including until around three in the morning a few times, but I am determined to get there.

The book that took me past the mark is a very nineties book, with Britpop, New Labour, and all of the other mid nineties trappings that you would expect, but at it’s heart is a love story between an Oasis fan and a Nick Drake fan.  As a fan of both artists, it was a nice thing to have so many references to them, and to be honest it is that, along with the other pop culture references, that make this book what it is.  As someone who grew up in the 90s, we only only relatively recently being treated to this kind of remenicing novel, and whilst you don’t want it rammed down your throat, it is a welcome diversion from time to time.

Worth a grab if you are a fan of Oasis, Blur and the like, or a newer convert to the idea of popular folk music.  If not, then it is a lightweight love story which isn’t terrible, but not the most gripping thing I have read this year.


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