Book 98 – Awkward Situations for Men

Book – Awkward Situations for Men
Author – Danny Wallace
Year – 2010
Genre – Humour

So for Christmas I asked for books.  And my parents duly obliged.  Come Christmas day, I was presented with a wonderfully wrapped pile of about twenty brand new books.  And what a beautiful present it was.

I finished my ninety-seventh book last night, and despite it being in the small hours, I decided to get a few pages into my next book, but with such a massive pile of shiny new books to choose from, I wasn’t sure where to begin.  In the end, I picked out the author that I knew best – Danny Wallace.

I was introduced to Danny Wallace’s books via the one that has probably made him most famous – Yes Man, later to become a Jim Carrey film.  I read it whilst I was commuting to London for work, and it is most notable in my mind for the number of times that I burst into literally uncontrollable laughter on packed rush hour London Bridge to Dartford services.  From then on, I read Join Me and Friends Like These, which through no fault of their own are not quite as funny as Yes Man, yet are still probably both in the top five funniest books I have read.

Which explains somewhat how Awkward Situations for Men is not as good as I expected.  Wallace’s style (weirdly classified by booksellers under ‘Travel’.  No, honestly, take a look next time you are in Waterstones) is that of the man who undertakes a mission, be it saying yes to absolutely everything he is asked for a year, or getting in contact with all of his best friends from primary school once he has hit his thirties.  However, this book is a collection of anecdotes about his everyday life – written incredibly similarly to his Shortlist column.  They are all individually very funny, but it means that the book lacks the cohesive story that all of his other books have had.  This is disappointing, mainly in the way that I am looking forward to his next foray into doing something weird, but the quality of his writing does shine through, and I found it a very amusing, and enjoyable read.


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