Book 100 – No and Me

Book – No and Me
Author – Delphine de Vigan
Year – 2007 (in French, 2010 English translation)
Genre – Fiction
Bought for me by my Mum and Dad

Wow.  It feels pretty good to be able to put a three digit number in the title space of my blog.  But I shall post in the next couple of days with some thoughts on the landmark, so for now, I shall review the final book of my challenge – and maybe give just a little plug to Bob’s blog who is just behind me.

No and Me is set in Paris and follows a young girl called Lou with an IQ of 160, and a homeless girl she befriends due to a school presentation, by the name of No.  Both have had troubled lives, and the book does well to examine the parallels between the rough sleeping No, whose mother had her as a teenager after having been raped, and the intelligent outsider Lou, whose mother lives in a near comatose state after the death of her baby Chloe as an infant.  Adding in Lou’s ‘love interest’ Lucus, whose father ran off to Brazil, and whose mother moved out to live with a different man shortly after leaving him home alone, and you see an author with something intelligent to say about not just the plight of the homeless in Paris – which is a rapidly growing concern – but also about underprivileged children.

At times the writing is incredibly moving, but I was a little bit frustrated at times by some of the cliched plot twists, and the occasional loose tie at the end of the book.  Overall however, this is a beautiful little book, and I would be keen to read more by the same author.


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