It is the question that literally several people have asked me since I finished The Book Challenge at the end of the year – What next?  And a good question it is too.

Well, I shan’t be attempting the same mission that I did in 2010.  Reading one hundred books was a great challenge, but it did slightly take over my life at times.  I am currently involved with several different shows, have work to think of, sing in a choir, try to keep some semblance of a social life, and would like to be able to have time to sit and play computer games, or watch TV – things that I had to put on a back burner when attempting to complete last year’s challenge.  So this year, no one hundred books for me.

However, I will still be reading a lot.  The challenge was taken up not because I never read at all, but because I wanted to increase the amount that I read as I enjoy it so much.  I don’t intend to let that slip again now that the challenge is over, but will just appreciate the fact that the pressure is now off a bit.  And to follow that, I will still blog the books that I read.  I have enjoyed doing so, and I think I will appreciate having a record of the books that I have read and what I thought of them a lot in a few years time.  Expect the occasional facebook update with reviews as they arrive.

Blogging has been one of the best bits of this, and it’s something that I think I will expand upon this coming year.  I intend to set up another blog here, and post regularly on that, however I won’t just limit it to literary stuff.  If there is something interesting happening, then I will blog on that, or an opinion that I want to share, then I will blog on that, or if I mistakenly think that I can be funny about something, well, then I shall blog on that as well.  I have no intention of turning it into an emo ‘Here is my life and how much it sucks’ blog – please inform me if I look like I am heading that way – and hopefully it will be interesting whilst allowing me to keep blogging.

Just because I have finished the challenge, it doesn’t mean that no one else should keep it going however.  If anyone wants to take up the mantle, then see how many books you can read in a year – it doesn’t have to be one hundred, just set a realistic yet challenging target – or do as my friend James is doing and find a target of your own – he is aiming to watch all of the Oscar winning films this year – or even just set up your own blog and write.  There is a lot to be said for increasing your writing output, so that is worthy in itself – even if you do write an emo-woeblog.  Just let me know what you are doing, and I will link here.

Oh, and I finished book number one of 2011 on Friday.  I’m not doing the challenge, honest, but it will be interesting to see how many I do read anyway…