Book – Fire Study
Author – Maria V Snyder
Year – 2008
Genre – Fantasy
Pages – 447
Lent to me by Faye Braggins

The first book I read this year is actually finishing off a series that I started at the tail end of 2010.  As I am pretty sure that I mentioned whilst writing about the second book in the trilogy, it is tough to review a latter book of a series – problems with spoilers and the fact that usually the books are remarkably similar slightly hinder you – but it is suffice to say by the speed I flew through these books, that they are a cracking series.

I shall reiterate the rough premise.  Condemned as a murderer at the beginning of the series, Yelana grows to become the poison tester for the most powerful man in the country.  As the series progresses, poison is not her only trouble, as she learns more about her unusual magical powers, and her place in the biggest threat her continent has seen for two thousand years.

All in all, pretty standard ‘swords and spells’ fantasy fodder, but done well, and this gives you an impetus to read through the books one after the other – something I have only just managed to avoid.  Snyder is certainly an author that I will be keeping an eye on from now on – Faye has already lent me the series that is a spin off of these books, and I hear that she is already one book release into the new year which looks quite interesting.  If you are a fan of this sort of thing, then it is a must read.