Book – Rumble Road
Author – Jon Robinson
Year – 2010
Genre – Wrestling
Pages – 188

It may come as no surprise by now to know that I love wrestling.  Combine this with my love of reading, and I am now working my way through the output of the WWE’s publishing arm.  With the recent going under of one of our better local bookshops, Sussex Stationers (RIP), we lost a great shop for book-buying, but one the plus side, I did manage to add another of these said wrestling books to my collection.

Rumble Road is a collection of real life stories from the wrestlers about their time on the road.  Wrestling has no off season, and the wrestlers have to get themselves to most of the different shows themselves – it could be California one night and Florida the next, so there is a lot of driving involved.

I expected a pile of silly stories that would not be so interesting, and in one way I suppose that is what it is – were you not a wrestling fan, then there would be little of interest here for you – but the true interesting thing of this book, is getting behind the relationships behind the wrestlers in real life.  Finding out who are friends for real behind the scenes, and what they like to get up to is half the point of these kind of books, and it gave a nice chance for us to find out a little about those wrestlers who are unlikely to ever get their own autobiographies.

Even for a wrestling book, it’s pretty trashy, but it is good fun, and to any wrestling fan, it is something I would recommend.  I’d also like to see the WWE release more of this kind of thing as well.