Book 17 – A Game of Thrones

Book – A Game of Thrones
Author – George RR Martin
Year – 1996
Genre – Fantasy
Pages – 807
Series – A Song of Ice and Fire

How do you write a sensible review of the greatest book you have ever read?  Especially when it is the fifth time that you have read it?  Well, I suppose I shall start with plugs, and not even show ones this time (despite me being in Calamity Jane at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford this week starting Wednesday night and running till Saturday).

George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is the best set of books that I have ever read.  If you haven’t read them, then go out and get them, or borrow them, or do whatever you can to get a hold of them.  If you can’t read (then you may as well stop looking at these strange characters on my blog) then you are still in luck, as HBO have made an awesome looking series of the first book which starts on Sky Atlantic here next Monday.  Watch it.  Then learn to read, and read the books.

I would usually try and sum up a little of the story next, but it’s tough.  Told through the point of view of about ten different characters, it looks at the medieval style world of Westeros.  Since King Robert took the throne from the Dragon-riding Targaryens, there has been peace, but of course that cannot last forever, and the great houses are roused to battle.

So far, so every-fantasy-series-ever.  But it is so much more than that.  In no other book have I ever seen such character development, or such a sense that absolutely anything could happen.  When reading this series (so far four of seven books completed) for the first time, there were a couple of points at which I could do nothing but put the book down in amazement.  I really cannot recommend this highly enough.  If you are a fantasy fan then there is no excuse for not reading it, and if you are not, then it is time to be converted.

The next book in the series is (finally after a six year wait) due to be released in July, and as such I am doing a reread to get myself back up to speed with everything that is going on, so expect a couple more similar blogs for the next books in the next few weeks.  If this blog – which I must admit tells you little about the book other than ‘Read It!’ – doesn’t persuade you to read Martin’s series, then hopefully one of the others will.


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  1. My kids have been raving about these books for ages – and then keep taking the first one away with them so I don't get a chance to read it. You've inspired me – next time they come home it's give me A Game of Thrones or no laundry … If that doesn't do it, nothing will.

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