Book 19 – Top 10 of Everything

Book – Top 10 of Everything
Author – Russell Ash
Year – 2009
Genre – Lists
Pages – 303

This was a little stocking filler present that I got my Dad last Christmas, and have been slowly progressing through over the past few months.  Purely coincidently as I didn’t notice when I bought it, but it is by the same author as the stocking filler book that my parents bought me the year before.  Thankfully, this one is far better.

The format is pretty easy to guess from the title – it is a series of top ten lists all of which pertain somehow to Britain.  The massive difference – as Ash says in his introduction – between this book and the other books in the series, is that he decided that not all of these lists needed to be quantified.  Whereas all of the lists in most of his books are entirely unarguable and backed up with sources – like Wikipedia, but in book form! – this time he wanted to put in top tens that are just interesting, such as ‘Top Ten Haunted Houses in Britain’ and ‘Top Ten British Saints’.  This allows Ash to put in more interesting titbits and makes the whole thing a little less, well, dull.  Of course, there are the occasional bits that I wasn’t too interested in – my knowledge of golf courses remains narrow due to reading those bits whilst thinking about anything that wasn’t golf – but all in all, an entertaining book that is worth a look at.


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