Book 23 – The Blokes’ Book of Bloody Terrifying Stuff

Book – The Blokes’ Book of Bloody Terrifying Stuff
Author – Ben Ikenson
Year – 2009
Genre – Toilet Book
Pages – 169
Bought for me by Paddy Fairbrass

The Blokes’ Book of Bloody Terrifying Stuff is an archetypal toilet book.  Consisting of three page chunks of information – in this case a ‘how to’ guide on how to perform some very dangerous stunts such as pulling off a wheelie at 100 mph on a motorbike, or how to walk across broken glass – it is not the kind of thing that requires sitting down and dwelling on, or snuggling up with a hot chocolate to read, but contains interesting little bits of info.

In terms of the how to guide, it is pretty silly – I don’t think anyone who intends to actually skewer parts of their body with swords is going to actually do it under the advice of a toilet book, and even those of us who would never have any intention of trying ourselves, but are just wondering how such a thing is possible are not going to gain much from Step 1 – make sure you know where your arteries are, Step 2 – Stick a sword in your arm.  Much more of the interesting stuff comes from the snippets of interview with the experts who have been there and done this kind of thing.  Some of what they say is quite cool, although I think I’d have rather seen this expanded on than the pages being bumped with clipart pics of the stunts discussed.

All in all, not a terrible book, but don’t expect to often see it listed up there with Tale of Two Cities or A Farewell to Arms as a classic of the ages.


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