Book – Dawn of the Dumb
Author – Charlie Brooker
Year – 2007
Genre – Columns
Pages – 338
Bought for me by James Sheppard

I’m still not reading an incredible amount at the moment, but I have managed to work my way through this – the second Charlie Brooker book that I have read, after The Hell of It All last year.

I’ve always liked Brooker.  His TV shows are brilliant, and despite being a grumpy sod all of the time, you always get the idea that it would be good to be his friend.  Much like the previous book I read, Dawn of the Dumb is a selection of articles and columns that he as written for newspapers, and is split between television reviews and more generalised musings about anything else that springs to mind.

Brooker is amazing at showing disdain for things, and the entire thing has so many laugh out loud moments as a result.  Whether he is berating the current crop of Big Brother housemates, or spouting off about the latest government initiative, he tends to be brilliantly funny, and a clear cut above most other writers who do a similar thing *cough* Jeremy Clarkson *cough*.

It’s not a heavy read, but is pretty accessible to anyone who likes a ‘grumpy old man’ kind of a laugh.  I shall now look forward to him releasing another collection of this kind of thing.