Book 58 – Julian: A Christmas Story

Book – Julian: A Christmas Story
Author – Robert Charles Wilson
Year – 2006
Genre – Science Fiction
Pages – 86

I like to read a good Christmas book around this time of the year, and so when browsing the shelves of one of our local charity shops, I spotted this book, I thought it may be a pretty sensible thing to grab and take a read of.  There’s nothing like a nice Christmas book to get you in the Christmas spirit.

However, I soon realised that the title of this book was pretty misleading.  Set several hundred years into the future on an Earth that has come to it’s knees due to an over reliance on natural fuels, and is now effectively run by the Church.  This is a novella that introduces us to the early years of a family member of the ruler of America – someone in what is pretty much a dictator’s role.  The name derives from the fact that everything takes place during Christmas time, but there is not a lot of Chrissmassy moments to take away.

Not that this makes it a bad book – just a little bit disappointing for getting my hopes up and then dashing them so cruelly.  In fact, as a novella it does a lot to whet the appetite for a proper follow up – something that Wilson followed through with, and which I intend to get my hands on at some point in the near future.  A nice read, with some great ideas that deserve expanding upon.


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