Book 6 – Drama Games for Those Who Like to Say No

Book – Drama Games for Those Who Like to Say No
Author – Chris Johnston
Year – 2010
Genre – Drama Teaching
Pages – 193

Another little gem from Nick Hern Books, Drama Games for Those Who Like to Say No, is a book that I have been reading for a few months off and on now, but decided to fill in the gaps so that I could put it in here.  I work in a primary school for children with special educational needs, and teach the year nine/ten drama class at the secondary school we are associated with.  Coupled with my Friday night drama class, and these books – following on from the quite excellent Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshopsare truly amazing for ideas and extensions to the work that I do there.

Whereas the previous book in the series that I read is focused simply on games which are useful to fill time, or to start a topic, but most of all are fun, there is a secondary purpose to the games featured here.  Each of them tries to fulfil all of this criteria, whilst also being very accessible to those who are not as excited about drama, or indeed getting up in front of other people and doing something, or even just being a part of a group.  Many of the games here are designed to allow people too feel comfortable in themselves, and it is only later in the book that the games become more productive when it comes to putting together theatre.

And many of these games are great.  Since I have bought this book, I have had many a time when I am searching for inspiration on a lesson that will get a group excited, and a game in here has prompted an entire hour long lesson.  The ease of access for each game means that it is usable in any situation, and hopefully I will find many more opportunities to use it further.

However, as useful as it is, and as much as I would recommend it to any friends who teach drama as a handy and easy to use resource, I cannot honestly say that it is quite as essential as Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops, which is a book that has come to my rescue time and time again already in my short three terms of teaching drama.  However, as a cheap, convenient book, it is certainly worth grabbing and adding to the collection.


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