Book 8 – Are You Dave Gorman?

Book – Are You Dave Gorman?
Authors – Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace
Year – 2000
Genre – Humour/Travel (in that weird way that books like this classify as travel – probably as a result of this particular book)
Pages – 384

Over the years, I have read just about all of the books that both Danny Wallace ad Dave Gorman have written, but until now, not this, the one that started it all out.  Danny and Dave have a drunken bet – can Dave meet 54 people with the same name as him – one for each of the cards in a pack, including jokers?  Well, they will certainly try, and this book follows the pair as they whizz around the world attempting to do just that.

The book is funny.  However, compared to some of the other books that the two have written individualy, I would say not as funny as it could be.  Both Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure and Wallace’s Yes Man (which I personally believe could be the funniest book I have ever read) are funnier.  It is also crazily ridiculous, with moments that are so unbelievable, that were this not one of the very first books of it’s genre to become massive, I am not so sure I would believe.  But at it’s heart, it is a fun, slightly throwaway novel about a stupid thing that two men who should have known better decided to do.  And as such is great.

In a move that I haven’t really seen with many books that are co-authored, the whole thing is written in a mix of bold type and normal type – bold for Gorman and normal for Wallace.  This is incredibly easily accessible, and really adds their own voices to the journey.  And that is about as much discourse as book as silly as this probably deserves.  Rest assured, if you are a fan of quest books such as this, or anything that equally silly Tony Hawk does (not the skateboarder), then this is as grand-daddy ish as they get in my eyes, so is worth grabbing if you haven’t already.

I am currently struggling to read a lot at the moment – when this started out it was meant to prove that I had nothing better to do than read, but lately I have found that a lot of the time, actually, I do – so expect a few more books that probably wouldn’t make the Booker shortlist in the next month or so.  Or expect nothing of the sort.  There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the order I pick books up in.  Which is fine by me.


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  1. Did you watch the TV series? it was on years and years ago, I remember watching it and loving it, the stupid humour of it all!! I have the book somewhere to read, amongst some of his others and Danny Wallace's, I agree, Yes Man, is hilarious! I read that when I had really hurt my back, not a good move! I have a soft spot for 'Are you Dave Gorman?' because I think it was the jumping point for a lot of similar quests! Also, read 'Around Ireland with a fridge' by Tony Hawks and have 'One hit wonder' to read.

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