Book 14 – Wyrd Sisters

Book – Wyrd Sisters
Author – Terry Pratchett
Year – 1988
Genre – Fantasy/Humour
Pages – 252
Series – Discworld

It’s been a while since I read an entry in the Discworld series – October according to my blog – and so I thought it was high time I returned.  I have so many series that I am reading at the moment which are unfinished, that I thought making a little progress would be a good thing, and having been lagging somewhat with reading anything with real grit recently, I decided this would be a very suitable book to read now – they tend to be easy going and genuinely funny, but don’t sacrifice a good story in order to be so.  Wyrd Sisters manages to live up to this beautifully.

One of the Witches books – somewhat unsurprisingly considering the name – this novel borrows a fair bit from the Shakespeare play Macbeth – again, somewhat unsurprisingly considering the name.  With the death of the old King of Lancre, the evil Duke takes over, but sits on the edge of madness, with his power hungry wife looming over him.  We also follow a band of actors, who fill in all of the missing stagecraft jokes that the setting lends itself to.

As a theatre person myself, I found this all pretty amusing, and is one of the Discworld books that I have warmed to best.  It is certainly not a criticism to suggest that many of Pratchett’s books feel very similar, and this is because he has found a genre and perfected it incredibly quickly.  This means that he can keep releasing books that are similar in form, and people love them, just as I loved this one.


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