Book 24 – Mostly Harmless

Book – Mostly Harmless
Author – Douglas Adams
Year – 1992
Genre – Sci Fi/Humour
Pages – 230
Series – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I have a huge number of book series on the go at the moment.  With Hunger Games and I Am Number Four and Discworld – not to mention series where I have read everything available, but am waiting for more to be released such as The Demon Trilogy or of course A Song of Ice and Fireit was reaching a stage where I needed to get something finished off, and as I was almost there, I thought that The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy seemed a great place to start.

After a truly brilliant start, I had a bit of a wobble with Hitchhiker’s, and the third book Life, The Universe and Everything I found to be a massive disappointment.  However, I did thoroughly enjoy this final book of the series.  It is a lot darker than most of the others, with some pretty desolate sections, and not as laugh out loud funny as any of the others, but the story holds together far better than the previous couple of books have – particularly the third one – and it retained the magic that the first two books had in abundance.

Since Adams’ death in 2001, there have been several books that have been released furthering the Hitchhiker’s series – a book of his unfinished work, and a Eion Colfer novel picking up where Adams left off – and I imagine that I will get around to reading them in time, but for now, I am quite happy with where this trilogy in five books has ended.


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