Book 30 – Letting Go

Book – Letting Go
Author – Morrie Schwartz
Year – 1996
Genre – Memior/Philosophy
Pages – 127
Lent to me by my Dad

Firstly, a disclaimer on the title.  I always use the exact same cover for this blog as the edition I read – just the way I do it.  You may notice that the cover to this book has a different title to what I have listed above.  This is simply because the book was originally released as Letting Go.  It was reissued some years later with the title Morrie In His Own Words.  I have decided to go with the title Letting Go simply because that is the title that the author himself chose to give the book.

I recently read the truly magnificent Tuesdays With Morrie, telling the story of Morrie Schwartz as he came to the end of his life and dealt with ALS.  Mitch Albom raises many of the major points that Schwartz realised about life and death throughout his book, but Letting Go is Schwartz’s book containing these revelations.

They are quite inspirational, and the honesty with which he talks about his feelings on the disease that has left him a shadow of the man he used to be is something that is very touching.  There is a massive barrier which stops this from becoming a must read in my eyes, and that is that all of these coping mechanisms are for a man coming to the end of his life, and that is thankfully not a situation that I am in.  However, should I find myself in a similar situation, I think that this is the kind of book that would give me great solace, and I imagine that I would then rate it far higher than I currently am able to.

So a rating based on how I enjoyed the book, and in this case, certainly not how good I think it is.


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