Book – The Power of Six

Author – Pitticas Lore

Year – 2011
Genre – Young Adult Sci Fi

Pages – 380

Series – The Lorian Legacy
When you are reading a series, and after a gap of only a few months between the first and second books, you still feel a need to read a quick synopsis of the first book to remind you what happened, it is not a particularly great sign.  It shows you that the first book was forgettable, and should really make you question whether or not to read the second one.

This occurred to me halfway through a quick synopsis of I Am Number Four, which I found was necessary several pages into this, the second book in the Lorian Legacies.  I remembered the first book as a film-like action book with all of the prerequisites of a teen action/superhero/romance storyline.  Looking back upon my review of it, I used words such as ‘hackneyed’ and ‘obvious’.  Yet I still enjoyed it and had looked forward to the rest of the series.
About thirty pages in, and this seemed a silly statement to make.  Moving on from John, the Number Four of Book One, and his companion Six, we meet Marina – Number Seven – in Spain (stick with me).  The pace slows considerably as we find out what she has been doing as her legacies – superpowers for all intents and purposes – have been developing.  So far, so dull.  I considered giving it up, and leaving this as a promising series that I couldn’t be bothered to keep on with.

But then, much like the first book, it just got good.  Things started blowing up.  Sword fights raged.  Lasers flew about indiscriminately.  And thankfully the romantic stuff (yuck!) was kept to a minimum.  Whilst this book seems slightly less written to a specific setting of ‘Let’s get a film deal out of this’, there is still plenty of action, and keeps you on your toes throughout.

In summary, ignore the start of this review where I imply that this is a boring load of nonsense.  It is an exciting, silly, thoroughly enjoyable load of nonsense.  Roll on the end of August when the third book of nonsense comes out!